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John C. Goodpasture, PMP

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John Goodpasture is a certified Project Management Professional with broad practical experience in executive management, project management, system engineering, and operations analysis. 

As founder and Managing Principal at Square Peg Consulting, he provides expert application and delivery of project management, business process analysis and characterization, and training of project practitioners.

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Recent engagements include:

  • Project office and team leadership of ERP projects with Oracle and Peoplesoft, 
  • Management of an agile programming office for web commerce, and 
  • Client consultations in sales and operations projects

Operationally, John has "been-there-done-that" hands-on experience: 

  • Managing Principal at Square Peg Consulting
  • Vice President of a document archive, imaging operations, and IT group at a litigation support company, 
  • Director of a strategic Project Office,
  • Director of a system engineering program office with responsibility for a multi-million dollar software systems product line at a major corporation, and 
  • Program manager for information processing systems in an agency of the Department of Defense.
John has conceptualized and reduced to practice unique techniques and practices. Many of these are described in numerous papers he has published on the subject of project management.  Much of his experience is captured in his 2001 book: “Managing Projects for Value” and his 2003 book: "Quantitative Methods in Project Management.". In 2010, John's third book "Project Mangement the Agile way--making it work in the enterprise" is available.

Adept at personal communication and simplification of complex ideas, he has developed and delivered project training to numerous project and functional teams working in many different countries in the fields of information management, manufacturing, production operations, and software development.

-- Project Management & System Engineering
· Established and led Strategic Project Office, responsible for project staff of 65 functional and information system professionals implementing $multi-million in enterprise projects in sales automation, back-office administration, and Internet commerce.
· Developed and led system engineering and program office teams in technology systems development in both federal government and private sector organizations

-- Operations Management & Analysis
· Applied operations skills as a Vice President in a document indexing, imaging, storage, and retrieval business; responsible for an 800 person staff in: Operations, applications development, and information technology.
· Applied Rummler-Brache process evaluation techniquesand quantitative methods to evaluate and synthesize improved processes in many different business units

-- Consultant & Training
· Developed and taught workshops in “Project Management”, "Project Start-up", "Risk Management”, “Voice of the Customer”, “Kano Analysis”, "Capturing Customer Requirements", and project “Peer Reviews”. Co-developed unique technique for earned value measurement in time-constrained projects.
· Consulted with project teams in manufacturing, distribution, information technology, new product development, back-office administration, and sales automation.
· Provided workshops and project consultation to functional teams in Malaysia, Belgium, Puerto Rico, and Canada

-- Author & Lecturer:
·  Authored nearly a dozen papers in the field of project management.
· Authored books “Managing Projects for Value”, Management Concepts, Vienna, Va., and two books from J Ross Publishing, Boca Raton, FL:  "Quantitative Methods in Project Management"; Project Management the agile way...making it work in the enterprise