Training and Development 

Training and Development Opportunities

Training & Development
Project Management Seminar ... An interactive workshop demonstrating what you need to know about organizing the WBS, planning & scheduling resources, estimating work packages for earned value, and measuring progress toward the value proposition

Quantitative Risk Seminar.... lies, damn lies, and statistics for the project manager! 1-2 days to learn how to estimate and quantify risk.  Learn the power of the Monte Carlo simulation, understand the concept of confidence and outcome distributions, and acquire a working knowledge of the do's and don'ts of wave planning.

Earned Value ... a new look at a proven idea. Need to apply the ANSI standard earned value, or looking for a less complex way? This seminar gives you two approaches to consider for your project

Managing Value .... Learn how to do the Right! project the right way. First you must choose the right project to do, and then you must deliver the value expected.  The value proposition begins with the business case, and requires commitment to a benefit capture program, but have you considered lean thinking and agile methods as a way to drive value?

Project Start UP ... An interactive workshop demonstrating the project start-up technique that gets you scope, WBS, and a network schedule

Organizational and Process Analysis ... Understand how to go about doing an AS-IS analysis, and then synthesizing a SHOULD-BE. Obtaining the improvement metrics, and building a business case.