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An analogy to explain agile. A sailor's look at agile

“What is this thing called Agile?” Projects and Profits Magazine, August 2009

Numerous slide presentations and written white papers on agile methods are at my channel in


“Earned Value—The Next Generation—A Practical Application for Commercial Projects” with co-author Jim Sumara, PMI Proceedings, 1997 Chicago
“Everything You Wanted to Know about Time Centric Earned Value”, PMNetwork Magazine, January, 2000
"Pipelining Your Project", Projects and Profits Magazine, ICAFI University Press, October 2007

ERP Projects
“A Practical Methodology for Integrating Process Re-engineering and Data-centric Enterprise Package Deployment” with co-author Thomas Mangan, PMI Proceedings 1998 Long Beach
“Gap Analysis: How to get your Information Technology project off on the right foot!”, PMI Proceedings,1999 Philadelphia
"Doing an ERP? Here's how to manage the Data Conversion", Projects and Profits Magazine, ICAFI University Press, July 2008

Managing VALUE
“How healthy is your Project Balance Sheet? Weighing Value, Risk, and the Triple Constraint”, PMI Proceedings, 1999 Philadelphia
“A Balance Sheet for Projects: A Guide to Risk-based Value” with coauthor Dr David T. Hulett, Part I, PMNetwork Magazine, May, 2000 and Part II, June, 2000  
"It's Leaders That Make the Decisions In Projects",, Nov 2006
"Five Steps to a Winning Business Case", Sep 2003

"That Financial Alphabet…DCF, EVA, NPV: are they affecting your project?",, Mar 2003

PRODUCT Development
“Make Kano Analysis part of your New Product Requirements” PMNetwork, May 2001
“Get Your New Products Requirements right with Kano Analysis", PMI Proceedings, 2001 Nashville
“Doing the Right! New Products Project", PMI Proceedings, 2002 San Antonio
"A Simple Model for Forecasting System Test",, Sep 2006

“The Project Office: Finding Pearls and avoiding Perils”, PMI Proceedings, 2000 Houston
"Driving Decisions with Project Management", Projects and Profits Magazine, ICAFI University Press, June 2007

RISK Management
A Risk Perspective: Rolling Wave Planning is a Bet!, Projects and Profits Magazine, ICAFI University Press, December 2007
What Risks are in Your Business Case?, Projects and Profits Magazine, ICAFI University Press,

Slide presentations on risk management are at my channel in

SCHEDULE Management
“Adding statistics to your “Swiss Army knife”, PMI Proceedings, 1999 Philadelphia

Slide presentations on schedule management are at my channel in

“Sales Force Automation…a project success!”, with co-author Ken Wyckoff and Art Patterson, PMNetwork Magazine, September, 1999