Project Management

Our thoughts about project management


We do projects because they are an important means to extract value from opportunity ... 

by managed application of resources ... 

taking measured risks to do so.

  • The successful project managers understand that projects only exist to promote and benefit the organization at large.
  • The successful project manager understands project values, culture, and practices directly come from their business counterparts.
  • Projects are an instrument of strategy. The value of projects is directly traceable to  opportunity by means of strategy.

The project equation

Project value is equal to, or greater than resources committed to the defined scope and risks taken to achieve favorable accomplishments
The cost of the project is not it's value; it's value is what difference it makes to the enterprise, either on the balance sheet or the mission scorecard.

The project mission

The project manager’s mission is to manage assigned resources to deliver the value expected, taking measured risks to do so.

Benefits, Returns, and Value

  • Benefits are the means for recovering project investment.
  • Return is the rate of investment recovery
  • And value is the need  satisfied by the project and the source of improved wealth in the business.