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Project Management the Agile Way -- Making it work in the enterprise

PM the Agile Way

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This book is about agile methodologies seen through the looking glass of project management

There are new and challenging ideas in project management, ideas especially suited for managing innovation and technology projects, particularly software projects -- projects that put ever increasing complexity in the hands of users and consumers. ‘Agile’ is the umbrella term for what we are talking about.

A motivation for this book was to address these two questions:
  • When faced with unspoken or unknown requirements, is agile the answer? What confidence can a program manager have that good project results can be achieved with agile methods?
  • And how applicable are agile methods to large scale projects, projects with legacy investment to protect, projects saddled with low trust, and projects needing commitment-certainty for investors and enterprise managers?

Managing Projects for Value

Managing for value

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Every project is an instrument of strategy, a means towards goals.  Every project should make the enterprise more successful than before.  Every project must deliver something useful and effective to be called successful.

In this book, you will find practical day-to-day help for getting the most value from every project resource.  There are unique ideas, like the 'project balance sheet' that illustrates and explains the gap between stakeholder expectations and project capability that every project manager must mitigate

Quantitative Methods in Project Management

Quantitative Methods


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Every project manager is faced with the numbers.  Regardless of methodology, whether traditional or more agile and iterative, numbers count! This book provides heuristics for every day use of statistics to estimate uncertainty, and it reveals the mystery of CFO's Economic Value Add!

In this book, you will find practical advice for applying earned value, and a unique idea called time-centric earned value that is even easier!  Contracts, regression analysis, and WBS estimating: it's all here!

Some errors in the text have been corrected with this errata sheet


Managing Projects in the New Age

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John Goodpasture is a contributing author to this text.  In Chapter 17, he writes about using pipelines to make effective measurements of earned value.  Pipelining is a method for monitoring andcontrolling the flow of task deliverables; and for measuring the earnings as they are accumulated.