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Project Management

PMgt Oceans of Time

"There is no undo button
for our oceans of time"

Tom Pike, "Rethink, Retool, Results"

We do projects as a means to extract value from opportunity.
From our perspective projects are an instrument of strategy.
The project manager's mission is to deliver the best value possible to the business and the stakeholders, taking measured risks to do so.

Agile project management -- An updated Slideshare



"Every individual endeavors to employ his capital so that its produce may be of greatest value." 

Adam Smith, "The Wealth of Nations", 1776

In the library, you will find references to the books, papers, and presentations made by the staff of Square Peg Consulting, LLC. 

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Training and Development

Training & Development

“Almost any methodology can be made to work on some project. Any methodology can manage to fail on some project. Heavy processes can be successful. Light processes are more often successful...”

Alistair Cockburn, thought leader behind CRYSTAL methods

Experts tell us that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to raise a skill to the level of world class, a true project management professional!  We focus our training and development programs on topics that make a discriminating difference:

Risk management
Agile project management -- An updated Slideshare

Quantitative methods, and
Business Value--Earned value

Risk Management


"Risk is the price we pay for opportunity"


Risk management -- the way we portray it -- is the activist intervention of judgment and management -- with deferrence to the experience of past history -- applied to the forecast of future performance, events, and conditions.